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pooch, phat

            "The Servant's Of Hope society"  

On Monday December 19th 2011, after three weeks of planning and a lot of hard work over one hundred volunteers met at a local church. The goal on this night was to bring Joy and Happiness to those without in “Vancouver's Downtown Eastside”. "THERE WERE NO LOCAL CELEBRITIES NO LOCAL NEWS COVERAGE AT THIS EVENT AND NO ONE WAS PAID FOR THE EFFORT" If you ask me no one seemed to give a flying F#&K What we did have was a group of people for the sixth year in a row gather together and organize a very special event, Over "One Thousand People" were served up Hot Turkey Dinner, Sandwiches, Pop, Water, Bananas, Apples, Oranges, Chocolates, Wrapped Gifts, Donuts, Coffee, and Clothing. Now here is where it gets interesting, not only was there a high percentage of "Recovering Drug Addicts" involved in this event, but at least forty have done hard time in the Downtown Eastside and have turned there lives around. On top of that at least seventy of those who attended live in the community of "Surrey". Five different "Recovery Houses" were involved on this overcast night and the smiles were flowing like a river. I myself asked the question more than once “Who was having the most joy the people serving or the people receiving?” Giving back is the foundation for change for those of us who have suffered from the "Curse Of Addiction" and the more we can do for our fellow man the better On a personal note as someone who has suffered, ten years ago I couldn't feed or take care of myself and now for the last several years I have been a part of feeding thousands as the founder and director of the “Servant's of Hope”. At this time i would first like to thank God, the men of servant house, my good friends Richard, Donny and Rob; my church and many others who with their support made this event possible Sean


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